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Academic Options for

High School Students


InterAct USA works with private schools that offer a vast variety of specialized academic options. If you’re hungry for progressive coursework or are ready to jump-start your higher education, let us help you choose a high school program that will satisfy your craving and, perhaps, lay the foundation for a subject you might want to pursue at the university level. Following is a partial list of specialized courses that can set you apart from the competition and start you on track toward your college major.

High School
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Robotics, Mechatronics, Engineering, Aerospace

Programming, Application Development, Game Theory

Start-up Design Lab and Innovation Studios

Environmental Science, Climate Change, Astrophysics

Business, Financial Management

Medical & Health Sciences

Biotechnology and Biomedical Research

Medical and Veterinary Sciences

Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Psychology 

Forensic Science

Sports Medicine

Social Sciences, Humanities, Global Studies
Advanced & Accelerated Signature Programs

International Baccalaureate Curriculum (IB)

International Cambridge Curriculum

Advanced International Certificate of Education

Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID)

Dual Enrollment (high school + college credits simultaneously)

Early College Programs

Gifted and Talented Education

Technical and Career Education

Experiential Learning

Arts & Communications

Visual Performing Arts, Music Production, Film and Digital Media

Interdisciplinary Arts, Fashion Design, Digital Design

Playwriting, Screenwriting, Motion Picture Arts

The Classics, Journalism

Government and Public Service, Civic Responsibility and Ethical Leadership

Global Engagement and Cultural Competency

Community Leadership and Service

Academic Options for

University and Post-Secondary Students


At InterAct USA, we understand that your higher education is about more than acquiring book knowledge; it’s about preparing to pursue the career of your dreams. We maintain a long list of notable universities with expert faculty intent on mentoring students toward their chosen fields.

Below is a list of some major courses of study you can choose from. But that’s not all of them! Contact InterAct USA today to discuss your unique ambition, and we’ll help set you on an academic path to get you there.

Certificates & College Extension Programs
Service Learning

Business Administration, Finance

Digital Marketing, Media and Global Communications

Human Resources, HR Management

International Tourism and Hospitality

Cinema & Theater, Filmmaking, Screenwriting

International Business, International Trade

Engineering, System Analysis

Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability


International internship programs complement academic courses to allow for:

Practical, hands-on experience

Learning beyond the classroom

Professional experience

Personal growth and development

Language Immersion

Various Levels - Beginner through Advanced

Different Program Lengths

Combine classroom learning with community action

Community service

Skills Development

Fostering Global Citizenship

Short Term Courses

Business Administration, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Cinema, Theater

Fashion, Design, Photography

Culinary Arts

Summer College Programs


Wildlife Research


Workshops and Seminars - e.g. Writing, Law, Leadership, etc.

Semester Abroad

Cultural Immersion

Language Immersion

Academic Courses

Test Prep




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