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The High School Experience Program offered by InterAct USA is designed to meet students’ goals and parents’ expectations. Because the academic intensity of a student’s high school curriculum is a significant factor in college acceptance consideration, attending high school abroad offers an unparalleled opportunity. InterAct USA selects private day and boarding schools for their solid reputations, featuring academic excellence and small class sizes that promote individualized attention and foster group discussion.

The classroom culture abroad is often quite different from what international students might be used to, incorporating more student participation rather than traditional lecture. There is no better way to get familiar with international life and learning than through first-hand experience as a student in a high school abroad. As a participant in InterAct USA’s high school program, the international student gains invaluable knowledge on the pathway leading to a college education. Watch your English fluency improve and your academic performance excel!

Private High School
High School Experience
San Francisco
High School Experience
Beach Volleyball
High School Experience
San Francisco
High School Experience

Make your dream a reality. The time is now.


Several High School Options to Choose From



  • College Prep Schools – These are for high school students who want to overshadow the competition when it comes time to apply for university. 

  • Competitive Entry College Prep Schools – With highly selective admission criteria, this type of prep school tends to offer a more robust curriculum for the student who prefers a hardy intellectual challenge.



InterAct USA can point you toward a select program not readily available in standard high schools. Choose from one of these specialties or many others:

  • Advanced and Accelerated Signature Programs - Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID), Dual Enrollment (high school + college credits simultaneously), International Baccalaureate Curriculum (IB), and others

  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

  • Medical and Health Sciences

  • Social Sciences, Humanities, Global Studies

  • Arts and Communications 

High School Admission Services

InterAct USA representatives work with private day and boarding schools across the globe to find the best fit for every student. 


We will do the following:

  • Explore your learning styles

  • Compile an academic profile

  • Evaluate your educational goals

  • Identify your career vision

  • Examine your objectives and interests

  • Consider extra-curricular activities

  • Tailor an education plan



We will provide you with:

  • Individual overviews of several schools

  • Curricula comparisons

  • Detailed analyses

  • Financial and budgeting information

  • Admissions education


We will assist you by:

  • Outlining the application process

  • Personalizing a timeline

  • Planning a strategy of required testing

  • Advising on letters of recommendation

  • Guiding you through application essays and personal statements

  • Gathering necessary documents

  • Reviewing your completed portfolio

  • Setting up admissions interviews

  • Scheduling meetings and tours

  • Identifying specialized services you'll need when completing any or all of the above, which may include language translation, credential verification, credit evaluation, student visa support, and/or private tutoring

Additional services are also available, including student follow-up throughout academic year.

High School Accommodations


Boarding schools foster thriving, mature, students. InterAct USA boarding schools enable students to live and study in supportive academic communities. Boarding schools help students develop self-discipline and maturity. Students learn to manage themselves independently. Boarding school focuses on personal responsibility, developing in students the skill sets necessary for success in college and university. 


Boarding school students say that they are more motivated in the school environment, are better prepared for college, earn more advanced degrees, report having great, high quality teachers, and are very satisfied with their academic and social experience.


InterAct USA Homestay Program provides comfort, security, and life-long friends for a student staying in a home away from home. The support of the homestay family enables an international student to focus on schoolwork, confident that domestic needs are being met.


The cultural immersion inherent in a homestay arrangement provides insight into an international way of life and a grand opportunity to improve English proficiency and practice social skills.

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