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We have the know-how you need.

What’s your passion? We can find a school for that!


Whether you want to join a competitive school team or aim to turn pro and need individualized athletic training, InterAct USA can help you find the perfect place to study and play. We work with prestigious sports academies and elite private schools, ones that staff professional coaches and provide soccer, American football, tennis, golf, and equestrian programs.


Do you wish to engage in a sport not listed above? Contact InterAct USA today, and allow one of our representatives to search our extensive data bank for a school that matches your needs. We’re here to help you pursue your passion!


University - College Sports

Do you want to play your sport in college? Our team of experts will assist you with:

  • Understanding the collegiate sports opportunities and the athletic recruitment process

  • Determining your realistic level of play

  • Guidance on Academic Planning and coursework requirements

  • Building your target college list that will fit your academic and athletic profile

  • Student-athlete recruitment communications

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