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University Admission Counseling Services

Countless international students have found attending an American university a sure pathway to their professional goals. In American universities, coursework is often flexible, tailored to your specific outcomes. There’s a better chance at interacting directly with instructors who can serve as mentors. Opportunities for research and internships are prolific, and blue-chip companies often recruit straight from American universities at campus events such as career fairs.

You can explore the American way of life from the pulse of a large urban center or from an unspoiled countryside setting. The possibilities are endless! With over 4,000 higher education institutions in the United States, and more around the world, how do you know which one is right for you? At InterAct USA, we take a holistic approach to college selection, considering not only your academic pursuits but also your extracurricular interests and preferred living environments, and help you find a school that best matches your aspirations and abilities.


Over 4,000 higher education institutions in the United States alone, and many more worldwide...

Let us help you find a school that best matches your aspirations and abilities!



From application to final selection, the admissions process can be an arduous task, but InterAct USA remains with you every step of the way. Let our counselors in the University Admissions Counseling Program assist you and your family in successfully maneuvering through the necessary stages of entry into a college and/or university.

No matter what your chosen vocation, Interact USA counselors can help entrench you in an academic program to set you on a path toward realizing your dreams. And no matter where in the US you choose to study, we will maintain frequent contact with you by e-mail, phone, and online video chats to provide ongoing guidance throughout each academic year.


In the University Admissions Counseling Program for international students, we tailor the following steps according to your individual academic aims:

  • Assessment of your unique profile

  • Gathering of your targeted schools’ data

  • Analysis of national standards

  • Summary of requirements and regulations

  • Presentation of college selection profiles

  • Simplification of college selection tools

  • Preparation of a detailed education plan

  • Guidance through international applications

  • Accessibility to valuable college resources

  • and more!


Technologically engaged, InterAct USA displays all results and options in a digital platform accessible to students and their families. This promotes active involvement in the process of planning your future. It also keeps you mindful of target dates and deadlines, all within a single easy-to-read computer screen.


Several Options to Choose From

Types of Post-Secondary and Higher Education


  • University

  • College

  • Specialized Institute

  • Graduate School

  • Community or Junior College

  • Career College

  • Certificate Programs


Contact InterAct USA today, and let us help you decide which option is best for you.


Specialized Programs

In addition to advising on admissions to full college and university programs, we can also work with you to design other university-related programs. These include:

  • Certificates and College Extension Programs

  • Internships

  • Language Immersion

  • Semester Abroad

  • Service Learning

  • Short Term Courses

  • Summer College Programs

  • Test Prep



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